If you want to help your audience to be empowered, receive hope, and become financially savvy, then Dakota Grady is the right speaker for you and your audience.

Dakota has the knowledge and experience to help your audience gain control of their personal finances.  He will engage your audience and inspire them to action!!

Dakota is available for workshops, breakout sessions, and keynotes at associations, conferences, churches, and marriage retreats.


Key Presentations

The 6 Steps to Manage Money on Purpose

Are you living on purpose with your money? Are you living paycheck-to-paycheck?  According to research, 76% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck. There is hope!! With this hope-filled presentation, Dakota can show your audience how to manage money on purpose.

The 6 Steps to Manage Money on Purpose will motivate your audience to live intentionally regarding money by presenting steps to empower attendees to handle money on purpose. Dakota shares:

  • What keeps people broke
  • How to go from living paycheck-to-paycheck to having a G.O.K. Fund
  • Six Step Process to Manage Money on Purpose
  • How to apply steps to accomplish your financial goals

How to Manage Money for a Marvelous Marriage

Money fights/money problems are the number one reasons for divorce in America. Getting a divorce is normal. Why be normal when you can be weird? Money decisions can help or hurt a marriage. Dakota has experience with money fights and has the tools to help you navigate the waters of personal finances and marriage. In this presentation, Dakota will teach your audience:

  • Why spouses fight about money
  • How to work as a team with their spouses
  • Six steps to manage money
  • How to have a marvelous marriage

Dakota Grady is passionate, financially savvy, and ready to infuse your audience with hope for a better financial future!!


“That was awesome!!”

Nesha G.,Attended The 6 Steps to Manage Money on Purpose event